Theater Babel Rotterdam – inclusive house for the arts; theater company & academy – starts in the autumn of 2018 with a new education: the post-route ‘inclusive theater’. In this educational course we bring together people to develop and research inclusive theater. Theater Babel Rotterdam provides inspiring master classes and guest lecturers, giving insight into its own workings and shares its methodology. You start with a personal idea / projectplan / research question, then in collaboration with the other canididates and professionals we’ll start pushing it forward.


The post-route is intended for:

  • (theater) artists
  • out-of-the-box artists
  • professionals (workers and graduates) from healthcare, arts and education
  • who want to take a critical look at each other
  • who want to look and cross each others borders
  • who want to discover inclusive theater and want to grow in working in an inclusive method


Structure of the post-trajectory:

10 working days, spread between October 2018 and May 2019
in which Theater Babel Rotterdam provides masterclasses, guest lecturers, performance visits, coaches and an insight into the functioning of Theater Babel Rotterdam. The precise content is tailored to (the plans of) the participants.

Each participant can schedule additional workdays to work on his own research.
Here, Theater Babel supports with spaces, network and know-how.


Cost price:

€ 1,500


Sign Up:

Contact us and tell us your research idea.


We already have a core group of committed and motivated participants with a background in HBO art education and professional practice. There is still room to connect. The trajectory starts on October 13th with the 1st seminar and a visit to the new theater Babel Rotterdam performance.