The makers

Theater Babel Rotterdam is being led by Paul Röttger. He makes one production a year that is performed at least 28 times, about 16 times for regular audience, 10 times specifically for schools in Rotterdam and yearly 2 times abroad. These productions are interdisciplinary: combinations of performance and film, dance, theatre and opera. For each project, we work together with a co-director from another discipline.


Next to that, we organize art education trajectories for teachers / makers and performers from Babel. Bram Legerstee is head education.


The actors

In the cultural field, actors in permanent employment are an exception. At Babel they are the core of the company. The mix of permanent employed actors, permanent employees and guest actors guarantees a good equilibrium that ensures continuity and grow. Experience teaches us that because of the inclusive composition of our company, our actors require more personal attention than actors in a regular company. The apprenticeship coaches work together with Pameijer to make this happen on a social level. The directors and trainers support this artistically and on a professional level.


Each season, at least 30 actors work at Babel, of whom 24 actors with disabilities (permanent employed). All actors receive daily theatre trainings. The ensemble as a whole is too big to work together continuously. That’s why we work in two groups: Babel 1 and Babel 2. The first group exists of 15 actors. They make one big production per year, directed by Paul Röttger. The second group consists of 9 actors. They focus mainly on theatre ateliers and educational trajectories. The advantage of this separation is that we can pay more attention to individual functioning and personal growth. Based on individual and artistic wishes, we make a new classification per season. 


Next to the twenty-four permanent actors, we work with six guest actors each season. This is a diverse group of trained actors, singers, musicians, circus artists, dancers, makers and choreographers. They fortify the group of actors with their expertise and enlarge the diversity within the group. They are hired yearly through an open application process. After a first selection, there are 3 rounds of auditions. In these auditions, they actively work with us on the theatre floor, to see if they are capable to work on an inclusive level. The application procedure ends with an interview about personal motivation. This intensive process has been developed based on our experiences in the past. Guest actors are often so conditioned by the regular theatre that the transition to an inclusive way of working can be huge. 


Are you interested in working at Babel and did you finish an artistic training program, be sure to send in an open application to with your resume, motivation and a picture.


Next to Babel 1 and Babel 2, we will create a third group in the upcoming years (Babel 3), that will focus completely on dance theatre. Starting from the less rational and more physical-sensory qualities of many actors, we make the non-verbal process stronger. For this group, choreographers will be invited from outside the company.


Are you someone with a so-called ‘indication’ or do you know someone with an indication who dreams about making theatre, send an email to for more information.





Theater Babel Rotterdam is the national centre of knowledge for inclusive theatre in the Netherlands. Here we do research and share information on how to make inclusive theatre. In 2018, the platform ‘Inclusive Theater in the Netherlands’ was formed, that has as a goal to share knowledge in the area of inclusion in theatre and to connect professionals.


Want to know more about the centre of knowledge? Have a look here.




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