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Gerard Helder

What is your name?

Gerard Helder.


How old are you?

53 .


Where were you born ?

Harderwijk .


What is your profession?

Architect, architectural.
For how long?

8 years practicing.
What do you like most about your job?

Making plans.
What is your hobby?



What property to a person important to you?

What people admire you?

Edgar Morin.
What is your most marked characteristic?

Demanding attention.
What would you like tell the people?

That people shouldn’t be too much of a conformist.
What would you like to learn?

Not to interpret too quickly.
What do you like about your appearance?

My white hair.
What can someone wake you up for?

What is your most treasured possession?

My health.
When you were most happy?

When I first saw snow in the mountains.
Why did you last cry?

The suffering and death of my mother.


When you were most happy?

When I’m in a museum, with large rooms, with large work.


Why did you last cry?

After a radio portrait of a woman 85 years, living alone, she did not want to move to a nursing home and rather chose for a voluntary death to prevent that from happening, so brave and very moving.


Who would you like to eat sometimes?

No idea.