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Aliye van Pijkeren

What is your name?

Aliye van Pijkeren

What is your profession?

Yoga Trainer, Yoga Coach & founder of SoulWare

Since when?

Since 2014

What do you like most about your profession?

Every person is different and I keep learning new things.

What is your hobby?

The sea

What characteristic do you think is important in a person?

Sincerity, authenticity and lovingness

Who do you admire?

Tao Porchan Lynch. She was the oldest yoga teacher in the world and still taught classes when she was 100! She passed away in march 2020. On top of that i admire every person who dares to walk their own unique path.

For what can somebody wake you up at night?

A walk on the beach

What is your most precious possesion?

My dog Mila and my cat Noah

What is your most beautiful memory?

I have many

Who would you like to have dinner with?

I love long table dinners outside, how many may join? 😉