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Bram Legerstee

Bram is part of the management of Theater Babel Rotterdam. He is responsible for Cultuurhuis Delfshaven and is the main contact for education, for instance schools that visit our productions.


You can contact Bram at


What’s your name?
Abraham Pieter Legerstee, but my nickname is Bram.


How old are you?
Capricorn 50 years and born in 1966.


Where were you born?
Rotterdam Delfshaven, where I also live now.


What is your profession?
Director of theatre


For how long?
I finished my training in 1992 and started working at our theatre in 2000.


What do you like most about your profession?
Enabling theatre for specific target groups and to dive into new social subjects and meeting interesting people.


What is your hobby?
To meet people and immerse myself in life, and I have an incredible passion for cooking.


Which property to a person important to you?
Stand strong in life with a large dose of self-mockery.


Who you admire?
I find that admiring people is a property that is not part of who I am, I can appreciate people, but I do find that with admiration we often declare someone as if he or she was a holy person, we put someone on a pedestal which I don’t agree with, everyone has their faults and rough edges.


What is your most marked characteristic?
A healthy dose of vanity.


What do you want to tell the people?
I want to tell people that there are things in life that have many different sides, and to try and see things in a different manner or different perspective and don’t judge, the judgment will be milder or certainly more nuanced if you are more educated about the subject. Art is one of the possibilities to create an open mind with people.


What do you want to learn?
I’ve dreamt since I was a child that I want to be a writer, a writer in the romantic sense, on a small windy island preferably Scotland, I would like to learn how to write.


What do you like about your appearance?
My openness towards others.


Why can someone wake you up?
I’d rather they didn’t, but good eroticism and passion is a possibility.


What is your most treasured possession?
My study drawings from art school, I wear these with every move and then they disappear behind the cabinet. But I would deliver you from my burning house.


What is your best memory?
The school holidays with my parents, my parents rented a farm, I HBE there experienced the old romantic life of farming, this has fueled me the love for animals and nature nutrition.


What’s your saddest memory?
I am a Sunday child, I have no big worries in my life, perhaps that’s unfortunate. My biggest sorrow is the loss of my mother, but I’m really at peace with that since she reached an age in reasonable health. I’m proud of that.


When were you happiest?
The moment that I released myself from the petty-bourgeois environment, entered the major city and went and discovered the world and went traveling, that was my happiest moments.


Why did you cry, the last time you cried?
I recently cried because I had to say goodbye to my dog, which ultimately did not happen because I agreed to keep him, I’m an incredible dog lover, I talk to them, I love them.


Who would you like to have dinner with?
With both of my grandfathers I never knew, I recognize myself out of the stories my parents told me and I suspect there are answers to be found with my ancestors.