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Carina Klingsell

What’s your name?

Carina Klingsell 


Where were you born?

Stockholm, Sweden


What’s your profession?

Circus and performance artist


Since when?

Since 2019 


What do you like most about your job?

That I get to work with my hobby and my passion! And all the amazing people I meet that are doing the same thing.  


What’s your hobby?

Apart from circus and dance I like to knit and craft. 


Which property to a person is important for you?

Honesty and transparency.


Who do you admire?

Many! Especially strong women that are working as choreographers or makers and almost any women I meet that does Chinese pole (the circus discipline that I also do). 


What’s your most prominent characteristic?

I can have a contagious mood 


What do you want to tell the world?

That you can change your values and priorities. 


What do you want to learn?

At the moment Dutch.


What do you like most about your appearance?

My arms, they look strong. 


For what can we wake you up?

Cake. But if you are awake I most likely will be too. 


What’s your most precious possession?

The analog camera collection I have just gotten after that my grandpa passed away. 


What’s your nicest memory?

One of many summers that I spent with my family at our cottage in the Stockholm archipelago. But specifically the one when I finally overcame my fear of diving head first into the water. 


What’s your saddest memory?

The moment where I disappointed my little brother (and myself). 


When were you happiest?

Now. Or last summer when it was also warm and no rain. 


When’s the last time you cried?

Yesterday when going to bed after an overwhelming day.


Who would you like to have dinner with?

Two close friends that I barely meet anymore because they live in Sweden.