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Christiaan Mooij

Christiaan Mooij is artistic advisor and teacher with the rotterdamscentrumvoortheater. He is also the writer of our new culture plan 2017-2020 that rcth and Theatre Maatwerk have given on February 1st, 2016 to the City of Rotterdam.


What’s your name?
Christiaan Mooij


How old are you?


Where were you born?


What is your profession?
director and artistic advisor


For how long?
I graduated in 2002 at the Director Training of the Amsterdam School of the Arts.


What do you like most about your profession?
The diversity of activities which I on floor as well as creator and am actively cooperating with the big picture. The work is a perfect combination between abdomen, head and heart.


Who you admire?
I have no connection with the thought of admiration, people are a bundle of contradictions. In addition to qualities, people also have an other side. I am inspired by what someone does or causes. In this way, there are two quotes that inspire me :


I love that you do not care how much money a person makes, you care about what they make. But what you make is not supposed to be the best part of you. (From movie: Steve Jobs (2015))


Let’s face it, Dad, it’s not for the sake of art. It’s because you just want to feel relevant again. Well, there’s a whole world out there where people fight to be relevant every day. (From movie: Birdman (2014))


What is your most outspoken characteristic?
I am also a bundle of contradictions, but in the end it’s always good.


What do you want to tell the people?
Try to understand the world, but knows it can not be understood.
Because you cannot understand everything, but trying won’t hurt you.