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Corné Bouwmeester

Name: ​​
Corné Bouwmeester


Graduated: ​
Acting- and directorscourse – RCTH – Rotterdam – 2014


Relevant workexperiences:
Het Gedroomde Cafe
Con Amore
Wie is er nou gek?
To be or not – part 1


What’s your name?


Where were you born?


What do you like most about your profession?
Working inclusively.


What’s your hobby?
Making theatre, going clubbing and going to the cinema.
Which quality in a human being do you value most?
Being sociable and being open-minded.


Which person do you admire most?
My father.


What’s your most distinct quality?


What do you like about your appearance?
My ass.


What can you be woken for at night?


What’s your most precious possession? 
My photoalbums.


What’s your saddest memory?
The moment i heard that my father died.


When were you happiest?


What was the reason that you cried the last time?
During a movie – i always cry during movies. Especially when something bad happens to animals.


With whom would you like to have dinner?
Actor Morgan Freeman and/or queen Maxima.