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Faryda Hussein

Faryda Hussein is a member of the Supervisory Board of Theater Babel Rotterdam.


What’s your name?

Faryda Hussein


Where were you born?
In Veenendaal


What’s your profession?
Policy officer at the Ministery of Social Affairs and Employment 


Since when?
9 years ago


What do you like most about your job?
That I can think about the policy for an inclusive society, inspired by people that are often put outside the borders of society, often by the policy.

What’s your hobby?
To shake my perspectives. 


Which property to a person is important for you?


Who do you admire?
Any human that dares to be human.


What’s your most prominent characteristic?
I give words to the unexpected.


What do you want to tell the world?
Don’t be afraid of each other.


What do you want to learn?


What do you like about your appearance?
That it’s mine and should be cherished. 


For what can we wake you up?
A dream of an other.


What’s your most precious possession?
My heart.


What’s your most beautiful memory?
Each of my sister’s smiles.


What’s your saddest memory?
When my grandmother died.


When were you happiest?
In Cairo.


What made you cry most recently?


Who would you like to have dinner with?
The Toeareg.