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Grace Emer

What’s your name?

Gracesica Irene Candida Emer


Where were you born?

In Willemstad Hospital, Curacao


What’s your profession?



For how long?

Since i was 17 i had an internship with theatre group Excalibur in The Hague after that i worked at Babel for 12 years now.


What do you like most about your profession?

Performing for audience, the process of making while we’re rehearsing, working with my colleagues.


What are you hobbies?

Shopping, buying clothing, dancing, writing poetry.


Which quality in a human do you value most?

That people don’t judge others.


Which person do you admire most?

My grandmother, because she’s always there for me.


What’s your best quality?

I can set my own boundries and i speak up for myself and others.


What would you like to tell people? Wat wil jij de mensen vertellen?

That you can’t judge or deny people when you don’t know their full story.


What would you like to learn?

To write and produce my own theatre play.


What do you like most about your appearance?

The muscles in my arms.


Is there anything that people can wake you for at night?

Poffertjes. (A Dutch treat; little pancakes)


What’s your most valuable possession?

My body and my legs and the fact that i’m still able to dance.


What’s your most precious memory?

While i was performing i didn’t know that one of my best friends was in the audience. This was such a great surprise. Mostly because there aren’t a lot of people that come especially for me.


What’s your saddest memory?

Last august when i called my little brother to congratulate him with his birthday, he started crying because he misses me so much. That was really sad, he lives in Curacao and i can’t go to him.


When were you happiest?

Sunday novembre 12th, a co-actor does my hair before the show starts and she gave me some haircream. I thought this was so sweet, that it made me very happy.


When did cry for the last time?

Yesterday, somebody in my living group was be mean and it touched me on a personal level. Counselling told me it wasn’t personal and they gave me good guidance.


With whom would you like to have dinner?

With Rick, because he’s nice.