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Jacco van der Vegte

What’s your name?
Jacco van der Vegte


How old are you?


Where were you born?
Wapenveld, a small hamlet on the Veluwe


What is your profession?
project Manager


For how long?
For some 15 years


What do you like most about your profession?

Working with people


What’s your hobby?
Acting in theatre


Which property to a person is important to you?


Who do you admire?
My partner


What is your most specific characteristic?


What do you want to tell the people?
Enjoy all the beautiful things we have


What do you want to learn?
Good looking and listening.


What do you like about your appearance?
Well, since you asked… my eyes


What can someone wake you up for?
Let’s say ; a good cup of coffee 😉


What is your most treasured possession?
my life


What is your best memory?
I have lots of them! First time meeting soemone , vacations, theatre shows. I have very happy memories.


What’s your saddest memory?
Bad news in my family


When were you happiest?
When the sun shone. Tomorrow I will be most happy.


Why did you last cry?
Because I missed someone.


Whith whom would you like to eat sometimes?
With you!