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Maryam Sirani

What’s your name?
Maryam Sirani.


Where were you born?

Teheran, Iran.


What is your profession?



Since when?

2 years.


What do you like most about your profession?

Dancing and moving, making a show, Griezel.


When do you think a person is interesting?

When they are nice and cosy.


Who do you admire?

I don’t know.


What is your message / mission?

No war.


What do you dream about?



What do you want to learn?

Writing, computer, theatre.


What do you like about your appearance?

My face.


For what can we wake you up?



What is your nicest memory?

Swimming pool in Iran.


What’s the worst thing you ever experienced?

Sadness, I had to think about the world, the world was gone.


When were you happiest?

When I played the princess in Griezel.