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Milton Oliviera Soares

What’s your name?


Where were you born?



What’s your profession?

What does that mean? I don’t know. What’s your work? Oooh. Maatwerk. What do you do with Maatwerk? Rehearsing.


Since when?

Started 2004.


What do you like most about your profession?

Making contact, yoga.


What’s your hobby?

No idea. Hobby? What is that? What do you like to do? Ooh, going to the movies.


Which property to a person is important for you?

What? That’s hard. That someone can co-operate well.


Who do you admire?

Admire? No idea. Yes, Beyonce!


What’s your most prominent characteristic?

I make a lot of jokes.


What do you want to tell the world?

About my kidneys. Little kidney went out, my mother’s kidney went in.


What do you want to learn?



What do you like most about your appearance?

Clothes? Shoes? My head!


For what can we wake you up?



What’s your most precious possession?

That I’m healthy now.


What’s your nicest memory?

I used to have a relationship with a girl.


What’s your saddest memory?

That I was sick.


When were you happiest?

When I got better.


Why did you cry, the last time you cried? 

I won’t tell you.


Who would you like to have dinner with?

Beyonce. Macaroni with chocolate milk and warm milk.