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Robert Schell

Robert Schell is production manager and project leader at Theater Babel Rotterdam.




What’s your name?

Robertus Johannes Andreas Schell


Where were you born?



What’s your profession?

Theatre maker, project leader, drama teacher, (training) actor, director.


For how long?

30 years as theatre maker and actor, the rest was slowly added in time.


What do you like most about your profession?

The variety, the versatility, the contact with people.


What’s your hobby?

I like to scour flea markets. I read a lot of books, watch a lot of movies and like to go to museums. And I collect coffee equipment. I am always collecting something. A year ago enamel mugs, and recently I started collecting hip flasks.


What property to a person is important for you?



Who do you admire?

My mother, because she lived her life sincerely even in her last hours.


What’s your most prominent characteristic?

You should ask someone else… but if I answer myself, I would say I’m good at empathizing with others and in my work I’m a good planner, because I’m good at imagining how things will have to be. I have a strong imagination, which also helps me as an actor.


What do you want to tell the world?

Do not take everything to heart. Put it into perspective. An elephant has the biggest anyway.


What do you want to learn?

At times, I’d wish my thought don’t start rattling immediately. More peace of mind. I am a good listener, but sometimes during a conversation, I’m thinking ahead of that person. I anticipate on something, which that person isn’t ready for yet at that moment.


What do you like about your appearance?

My eyes, although they are a bit less expressive now. I used to have really pretty eyes!


For what can we wake you up?

For pudding with skin. Or a steak, baked in dairy butter. Or in case of an emergency, you can always call me. And for nice sex or a hug.


What’s your most precious possession?

My cats, even though you can’t possess a cat. That’s the nice thing about cats. Possession… I’m attached to jewelry, because each piece has it’s own meaning.


What’s your most beautiful memory?

I have a lot of beautiful memories… Often moments on holiday, sitting relaxed underneath a tree, or with my feet in the ocean. And I have specific precious memories linked to different people dear to me.


What’s your saddest memory?

I immediately think of the death of my mother. But actually that wasn’t the saddest moment, because it was also a very beautiful moment. My saddest memory is every Christmas or Easter after the diagnose of my mother, because each time I thought to myself “this could be the last one”.


When are you happiest?

Lying on my couch with a cigaret and my cats next to me, with the sun on my face and good music (like The Gossip).


Why did you cry, the last time you cried?

The last few years, I’ve become more sentimental and emotional. I guess that comes with age. I know that I cried last week, but I can’t remember what the specific reason was.


Who would you like to have dinner with?

Marina Abramovic, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jan Smit.