The theatercaravan or theatertrain is the whole of productions, performances, rehearsals, trainings, lessons, methodology development and knowledge sharing of our professional company. All these parts are connected to each other and make the company move as a whole and develop a vision and methodology on inclusive art. That is why we call this ‘the caravan’ as in a caravan moving slow but steadily through the dessert on it’s way to an oasis. Every year our company shows 235 performances from within this construction.


The entire structure of the ‘caravan’ is inclusive.
Which means that in all parts of ‘the caravan’ our actors with and without disability always work together, learn, rehearse and reflect.


Do you want to join our caravan? Are you looking for a learning / workplace?
That is possible with Babel! The caravan is accessible to outsiders such as interns from HBO or professionals from the art world who are looking for a place to gain experience in inclusive work. Within this day course or internship you have the opportunity to participate in training in theater, music and acrobatics. Evaluate and reflect with the inclusive company at work to further develop and share the methodology and knowledge. You can also participate in productions and performances as an actor or as an employee of the production team.


Would you like to know more?
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