theateratelier Ik via de ander

How does your mother talk about you? And about your birth?
What does your father think about the choices you make in life?
How does your sister or brother speak about your relationship together?

Inspired by Paul Röttger’s performance Ik via de ander, Theater Babel Rotterdam visits high school classes in Rotterdam. We play a number of monologues from the performance, tell more about the background and concept of the play and do a number of theater exercises with the young students. Through questions about their family, the students get to know each other and the actors of Babel better, and at the end of the atelier they write their own personal monologue, from the perspective of another (a family member).


theateratelier ik via de ander

This theateratelier can be performed both online and offline in the classroom. It takes 1.5 hours – but the length can be adjusted in consultation with the school.

Empathy, respect and attention for each other and the other are sharpened in this inclusive encounter with Theater Babel Rotterdam.


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