theateratelier On/Offline

The world went into lockdown, but people found each other online. Never has there been so much Zoomed, Skyped and Teamed as in the past year. We made a lot of videos to cheer each other up, but serious things like school and work also had to be online.

For some people it was a relief: working at home on the couch, no longer being stuck in a traffic jam, being able to concentrate better. Others thought it was a nightmare: bad WiFi, too many stimuli, everyone talks through each other.

The number of reports of cyberbullying also increased. Private chat rooms can be nice, but catfishing and sextortion are lurking.

What role did the internet play in your life in the past year? How close are you to your virtual self? What do you like and how do you set your limits online?


theateratelier on/offline

On/Offline is a theateratelier in which students from VO and players from Theater Babel Rotterdam together reflect on the past online year and get creative with their own story.

The studio has been developed to take place both online and offline. Our preference as a theater company is always to meet each other in person in the classroom, observing all distance and mouth masks rules. If a physical meeting is excluded, we will move online. Then we provide the aterlier via Teams or via another platform used by the school. 

The theateratelier lasts 1.5 hours – but the length can be adjusted in consultation with the school.


  • – greeting
  • – warming up
  • – artistic introduction of the theme “online” by the players of Theater Babel Rotterdam
  • – conversation with the students about their own online experiences– artistic assignment students: convert your own story into a storyboard
    – presentation storyboards
    – evaluation


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