week against child abuse

Theater Babel Rotterdam contributes to the week against child abuse.

Students and teaching assistants of Pabo sit around the table with an inclusive group of actors (with and without disabilities) of Theater Babel Rotterdam, to talk about sexual abuse in family context. After getting to know each other, our actors get on the floor and act out different situations from practice. How do you react, what do you say, what not? What could someone else do in this kind of situation? Above all, you learn with each other that ‘doing nothing is not done!’

In co-operation with the City of Rotterdam, we developed two theatre workshops on this year’s theme ‘sexual abuse in the family’.

Together with Merel Mathijssen and Rick Bouwens, our actors created a theatrical workshop in which they use theatre scenes to confront the Pabo students and teaching assistants with different situations. We take a look at the signals that you can recognize as an outsider. At the difference between objective and subjective observation. And above all what to do and how to act when you suspect sexual abuse with a child.

The workshops are performed from Monday 19 November till Thursday 22 November for students from Inholland, Albeda and Hogeschool Rotterdam.

More information from the City of Rotterdam about the week: click here

or go to the official website of the week against child abuse


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