with other eyes


Starting from March 2020, Theater Babel Rotterdam will go into the neighborhoods again. In the project “met andere ogen” we will visit three places in Delfshaven, three living rooms in the neighbourhood: Pier 80, Huis van de Wijk Schiemond and Post West. At each location, a theater teacher from Babel will work with inhabitants of the neighborhood.


Every person, really every person has a story. Each human is unique, has a story to tell. Where do you come from? What are you proud of? What was an important happening in your life? What is your worth?


We share our stories, attention for each other is very valuable. Everyone tells their story in their own way. You don’t have to be a language expert, singing or making music is also welcome. Then we work on each other’s stories. How do we shorten the story? How do we cut to the core? How do I use my voice? How do I keep hold of the public’s attention? How do I connect to my audience? In short, a challenge for everyone.


As the icing on the cake, we will perform our stories for an audience.
The story-tellers will be fully supported by the theater teacher.
The audience can ask questions, and in a second part of the presentation it can also share their own story. Because the stories will be very recognizable. This way, we can finally see each other with other eyes, as it should be in an inclusive society.


The presentations will take place in the end of May at Theater Babel Rotterdam.
Included are a nice bite to eat, entrance is free.

For more information, contact

Bob van der Lugt
06 24534598