Our national knowledge center for inclusive theater is a central part of Academy Babel. Here we do research and share knowledge about inclusive theatermaking: through a platform, methodology development, a post-trajectory and expertise transfer.


Platform ‘inclusive theater in the Netherlands’


The ‘Inclusive Theater in the Netherlands’ platform was launched on the 8th of June 2018. With the goal to share existing expertise in the field of inclusion in the performing arts and to connect professionals.




In recent years we have done a lot of research into a stronger connection between care and art. In the coming years until 2020 we want to make our methodology transferable. We ensure that we can propagate and make possible our innovative way of including theater making to the outside world.


We collaborate with the lectorate Disability Studies, Diversiteit in Parcipatie under the guidance of lecturer Mieke Cardol. This research group is part of the Knowledge Center for Healthcare Innovation at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In the coming season, we’ll expand our collaborations with Inholland University of Applied Sciences and with the Theater in Education program at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten (Arnhem). Experts, institutions and students of relevant courses are welcome to join us in thinking.


We like to share how we look at people and our ideas about inclusive work with schools, companies and care institutions. We organize tailor-made workshops, are part of curricula at colleges, provide coaching and supervise interns. From experience, we know that our input creates pleasant upheaval and new insights. Monique van den Heuvel
– teacher at the teacher training Healthcare and Welfare – wrote this article on the workshops given to students of Hogeschool Rotterdam.

At Theater Babel Rotterdam we dream of & are working towards a more beautiful and friendly inclusive society. Dream, think and join?

More information : dominique@theaterbabelrotterdam.nl

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