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Crossing the Line: an international exchange surrounding inclusive theater

This week something special is on the calender for Theater Babel. Through Crossing the Line, a partnership within the EU, three different theater companies will come and visit us: Moomsteatern from Sweden, l’Oiseau-Mouche from France and Blue Teapot from Ireland.


The companies, all frontrunners in the field of working with learning artists with disabilities, will become acquainted with the working methods of Theater Babel during this exchange. This structurally inclusive working method is unique, because actors with and without disability are on the floor as well as their coaches. Actors with a disability and their supervisors from the companies from 3 of the partner countries go on the floor together with our players and apprenticeship coaches. In 5 groups they each work for three days with their own theater maker from Babel on a presentation. We also take the time to eat together and get to know each other better.


We think it is very important to share our knowledge of inclusive theater making with other progressive theater companies and vice versa we can also learn a lot from them. We are therefore very much looking forward to the upcoming encounters and everything we will learn from each other.


This is a closed activity and cannot be visited. Via our website and instagram and we will provide a number of updates through photos and videos during this special working week.


This project has been made possible through funding of the Creative Europe Program from the European Union.