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A new theater production is on its way!

Dear reader,


We’re doing good! Fortunately, we can still carry out a lot of our work within the current regulations. So, of course with extra caution, we will continue to work to be able to set up beautiful productions and theater workshops. Hope you are doing well too!

To start off, let me introduce myself. My name is Joran and since November I have been part of the team of Theater Babel Rotterdam. As a PR employee I will be responsible for communication and therefore also the newsletters that we send you. In this first newsletter I will take you through my process of introduction to Theater Babel, and you can read about what we have been working on lately.

Over the past few weeks I was present at various activities of Theater Babel. For example, we are preparing a new performance: “Theater Babel speelt Romeo’s and Julia’s”. Our educational worker Claudine organized several theater workshops, which she will tell more about in a future newsletter. Finally, at the beginning of November, our theater company was invited by Connor Schumacher for an inclusive event in the brand new Depot Boijmans van Beuningen. You can read more about this in the rest of the newsletter.

Enjoy reading and we hope to see you soon!



Theater Babel Rotterdam



Theater Babel plays Romeo’s and Julia’s

As a sneak peak of our upcoming theater production, I was able to take a look at a rehearsal of Romeo’s & Julia’s, directed by Paul Röttger. With their scripts in mind and full of enthusiasm, our actors are busy discovering each other’s roles and how they can add their own twist to it . Different groups also work to incorporate play, dance and music in the performance in a special way.

Soon I will be interviewing Paul about this production and the themes that will be central to it. Keep an eye on our website and the next newsletters to find out more.

The performance is still being worked on until April and we hope to see and meet you again in real life at this unique performance of Romeo & Juliet.


Podcast ‘Ik via de ander’

Wow! The podcast series surrounding our performance ‘Ik via de ander‘ has been listened to more than 2000 times, thank you for your listening! For those who haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet: in the podcast, 28 of our players hold a personal monologue, in which they tell intimate stories about themselves through the eyes of someone else. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here (spoken in Dutch).




“HOLD” in Depot Boijmans


After I got to take a look at a rehearsal in early November, there was also time for an inclusive happening. Our theater group was invited to “HOLD”, an inclusive event organized by Connor Schumacher and Stichting Dansateliers in the context of the opening of the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen.

Connor works as a maker with Theater Babel, where, since last spring he has been doing research for a future production centered around dance and inclusive art. This collaboration came to fruition because he and Paul Röttger share a special vision on inclusivity. From that vision, Connor has organized several events, in which he guides the guests through a ‘state of dance’. In this way he creates an inclusive and safe place on the dance floor, where everyone can be themselves. “HOLD” was the perfect example of this: the room was filled with every kind of person, who also welcomed every other attendee with open arms.

From the moment we arrived, Theater Babel didn’t leave the dance floor and we had a great evening. Below are a few photos, which hopefully give you a small impression of Connor’s inclusive events.