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Large-scale study of inclusive theater

Since September 2020, Theater Babel Rotterdam has been participating in a large-scale scientific research on inclusive theater by Hogeschool Rotterdam and ArtEZ University of the Arts. Below we tell you a bit more about the research, which runs until August 2022.


Inclusive theater, what does it produce and where is the friction? This is the question that the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and ArtEZ University of the Arts are examining in a two-year study on inclusive theater. The research involves: the inclusive theater companies Kiem Kunst in Alkmaar, Klare Taal in Arnhem and Theater Babel Rotterdam, various independent theater makers, the National Institute for Cultural Education and Amateur Art (LKCA), the care organization Pameijer and Rotterdam Onbeperkt (Unlimited) from the Municipality of Rotterdam. Financial support is available from SIA Raak MKB.


The research started in September 2020 with a kick-off at which all project partners were physically present. Soon after, the research went online by necessity. During season 20-21, no less than 50 interviews were conducted with actors and creators from the inclusive theater field and in a second phase, the theater makers involved started inclusive experiments in their practice, where researchers observed, analyzed and asked critical questions about the inclusive creation process.


The aim of the research is to produce a guide for theater makers who want to work inclusively and for education, sharing practical experience and inspiring stories about inclusive collaboration. Starting in September, results will be shared in an online environment and a national symposium will follow to conclude the research, which runs until August 2022.


What the research is already delivering is a stronger network of inclusive theater makers, companies, arts educators and the scientific knowledge field.


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