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inclusive manifest rcth In society as a whole and in theater in particular, we miss the inclusion.


Therefore we want:

  • A society where everyone belongs and is seen
  • A society where everyone is taken seriously
  • A society in which we treat each other as equals
  • A society where everyone is not immediately pigeonholed
  • A society in which differences between people is seen as enrichment and not as an obstacle
  • Connection to each other, without disclosure
  • A cultural climate where there is room for innovative theater
  • That the talent of actors with disabilities is recognized
  • Inclusive art to be part of the programming of mainstream theaters
  • Everyone to hear about inclusion
  • More collaboration between artists with and without disabilities

We dream of a better and inclusive society.


We need your support.
Please, sign our manifest below.


Paul Röttger,
general director


I hereby sign this manifest