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Theater Babel Rotterdam is building an inclusive world

with the workshops inclusive work floor,
with the workshops ‘behind the counter’
and with participation declaration sessions


Because of the shows of Piazza della vita, one might think that Theater Babel Rotterdam didn’t come out of the rehearsal space in the past weeks. But on the contrary: there where we can, we support the inclusive society.


Theatre needs to be alive and stand at the centre of the world



workshops inclusive work floor


The City of Rotterdam is working on an inclusive work floor. They have to, because since the Law on Participation of 2015, cities are responsible for opening up the labor market for people who are capable to work but need support to do so.


The work floor of Theater Babel Rotterdam is inclusive. We don’t stick labels on people, but just work them. Everyone with their own strengths and limitations. This way of working asks for patience, but it also produces a lot of positive things.


From our own experience, we developed the workshop inclusive work floor, together with and for the City of Rotterdam and the organization Seastarters. In this workshop, employees of the City of Rotterdam work together with our actors to learn how you can work together with colleagues with and without disabilities.



workshops ‘behind the counter’


In the past week, 200 employees of a.o. Stadswinkel Rotterdam participated in the workshops ‘behind the counter’. They learned how to deal with visitors with a disability that turn up at their counter.


On the program we had SIR ’18, a show for young people about sexuality. Performed by actors with and without disability. Confrontational, provocative, exciting and amusing. A great way to open up conversation.


After the show, actors and participants go to work together. They play scenes and talk about what a disability is, and what are necessary conditions to be of service to people with a disability.


The workshops are real eye openers. New experiences and insights are provoked. The reactions don’t lie. We even received enthusiastic messages through Facebook afterwards.



participation declaration sessions


Did you ever move to a new city, or who knows even to a new country? Did you ever change work or school? Then you know how important it is to receive a warm welcome at this new place. Theater Babel Rotterdam likes to assist in this by regularly hosting the signing sessions of the participation declarations of the City of Rotterdam, in co-operation with Stichting Vluchtelingenwerk.


Friday 5th of October, we received 60 refugees at our new location in Eendrachtsstraat, who signed their participation declaration after completing their participation course. Patrick and Kirsten hosted the guests, Anet played music and Claudine and Rob performed monologues from Taal in de Stad.


We introduce new Rotterdammers to our theatre and our way of working, and learn about their backgrounds, stories and dreams. Even though their stories can be sad and disturbing at times, we mostly see people who are enthusiastic about enriching Rotterdam society.


Theatre can connect people, talk about subjects that are taboo and cause new encounters and insights in each other. This way, you get to know the other better and start to understand each other.