Theater Babel Rotterdam does everything in its power to keep performing, despite the Covid-19-crisis. Of course, we always take the most recent measurements into account, so that we can guarantee the safety of our audience, our actors and our employees at all times. But we can’t do this alone. Our safety is a matter of taking each other in consideration together. That’s why we made a list of our own measurements underneath.


(1) You can only visit our shows when you make a reservation in advance. Buying tickets at the counter is not possible.


(2) You can buy a maximum of four tickets for one show. We want to avoid groups that are larger than one household.


(3) Out of respect for your fellow visitors, we ask you to wear a face mask when entering and leaving the theatre space. During the performance, you can take the face mask off or keep it on, what you find the most pleasant.


(4) At the register we will ask you for a health check and a registration.


(5) You will be guided to your seat when you enter the theatre space. We ask you to not leave this place until the end of the show.


(6) If you need to go to the toilet in between the performances, please raise your hand and one of our employees will guide you. This way we assure there is enough distance in the hallway to the toilets.


(7) Before and after the shows you will be offered a drink. You don’t have to go to the bar yourself, a Babel employee will bring it to you. Payment is not needed, the drinks are included in the ticket price.


(8) In case of complaints (cough, cold, fever, shortness of breath) we ask you to stay at home. Even if you have a housemate with these complaints, we ask you to stay at home. Please report this via or via 06-14797337.


(9) These rules mainly concern safe entry and exit from our theater. Once the performance has started, you can sit back in your seat in complete safety and forget the rules for a while. We hope that you can fully enjoy our performance. Enjoy!