the day my brother didn’t come home

Three brothers and their sister, who live in a war zone, tell the story of that one day. Driven away from their hometown, they spend their days in the studio where they work. They reconstruct the story of the youngest child: Jochie. Each from their own point of view. With one foot in the past and the other in the present, the siblings come to the inevitable conclusion.

Are you sleeping?
You’ll probably a sleep, because you’re not dead.
You lie very still without moving.
People who sleep do not move.

The piece is written in the form of a narrative. Students of our theaterschool have studied how to perform the story with four characters with a cast of 13 actors. They have participated in creating the stage setting and the music. And the question ‘how can you replace text with image, sound and movement? ” In this way they experience there’s more to theater then just text.

This performance is made in the context of a theaterstudy as part of our theaterschool ; acting, directing and theatercoaching. It is performed for pupils of secondary schools and regular public. Following the presentation our students conduct a discussion with the students from the secondary schools.

production in pictures

Tekst Roel Adam
Bewerking Ferdi Janssen
Regie Ferdi Janssen en Sylvia Weening
Spel Allan Kempeneers, Anne van Blanken, Gwen van Beersum, Denise Groot Kormelinck, Irmgard Valk, Jan van der Smissen, Jet van Schie, Karin Verbeek, Mike Schmitz, Pauline Schilder, Remco Lodeweges, Rita Rehorst en Simone de Witte