a family show by Ferdi Janssen
Griezel! (Creep!) is a fairytale about Hans the Hedgehog
the child of a peasant and his wife
everybody thinks he’s stupid, ugly and find that he stinks
So he travels the world with his accordion and his peacock
flying over the mountains with sheep and kings 
looking for someone who loves him the way he is


download the flyer (front-side Dutch)

download the flyer (back-side Dutch)


Griezel! (A Creep!) played for children from primary schools but was also seen by regular public on the 8th, 10th , 15th and 17th December 2015 and on the 5th , 7th, 12th and 14th of January 2016. At this moment there are no performances scheduled for Griezel! . If you are interested in a performance , you can contact .


Working towards a renewed cultural institution starting 2017
“Griezel !” was the second theaterproduction made in the cooperation between Galerie Atelier Herenplaats , Theatre Maatwerk and the Rotterdam center for theater (rcth). With this production we started our new tradition of an annual family show . Theatre Maatwerk and the rcth together are growing towards a renewed cultural institution for artists with and without disabilities from 2017 in close collaboration with Galerie Atelier Herenplaats.


direction Ferdi Janssen

artistieke leader of the collaboration Paul Röttger
lighting design Paul van Laak
setdressing en costumes Jacqueline van Eeden
music Hans Thissen
assistent Dineke Rieske
publicity Dominique Mol
marketing schoolperformances Bram Legerstee


Jack Edelbroek
Carla Heijboer
Mitchel Kartowikromo
Fons van de Moosdijk
Milton Oliveira Soares
Maryam Sirani
Saskia Spierenburg
Carol Timmermans
Djen van Zon

production in pictures