the dreamed café

who I am
what I do
what I dream of


about embracing and meeting
closer then ever before


a location performance by Paul Rötgger


with singing, live music, circusarts, dance and film
starting 21st of October in the centre of Rotterdam

at the Noordmolenwerf 3


Paul Röttger about The dreamed café :


who I am
I want to be in the middel of society, but I also like to dream. Dreaming helps me escape the reality that worries me. Society is becoming more quiet, the distance to ‘the other’ is growing bigger. I see individuals and groups retreat themselves and notice places where you meet others disappearing. More then ever before, I feel the need to dream together, to know what goes on in all these minds walking the streets.

The dreamed cafe has performed its final performance on the 30th of March 2018.


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The church at Noordmolenwerf 3, 3011 AK, Rotterdam



What I do
I make theatre to show my dreams en ask questions. To make the audience think and initiate conversations . We performed on location to meet the city. In every meeting with another person there’s a chance it caused mutual understanding.


What I dream about
Dreaming is something personal, you give yourself space to research your personal desires, awaken creativity and process grief. There is less and less room to dream in this modern society, because people make less time voor things that cannot be measured. I dream of a society where everyone is allowed to dream and where we are allowed to know what each others dreams are. A place where we can ask each other anything and are allowed to tell each other everything. 

The dreamed café

In The dreamed café we listen to each others stories and desires. The dreams of another often touch our own dreams. The performance therefor is close to the heart; as a spectator you’ll learn to get to know our actors and in some instances you’ll recognize yourself.

You’ll become someone else.


The dreamed café is the fifth theatreproduction since the Rotterdam Centre for theatre continued as an inclusive company under a new name : Theater Babel Rotterdam.

Theatre Babel embraces the other. We work with you, people you’ll recognize and people you never met before. We work on a world where we understand each other. Where speech confusions are solved. Where incomprehension is translated through imagination.

Our Academy works with this world, our company shows you this world. Raw, pure and sometimes very sweet. From big to compelling to small, complete and loud or in silence. Always from head to toe.

You’ll become the other.



production in pictures


concept-regie Paul Röttger

artistieke ondersteuning
 Raymond Colling
regie-assistentie Wilbert Slagboom
productieleiding Dominique Mol


film Corné Bouwmeester
vocale leiding Tom Jansen
live muziek Robbert van Hulzen
choreografie Jaakko Toivonen
circuskunst Arjan Groenendijk


advies kleding Roelie Westendorp
lichtontwerp Paul van Laak
techniek Dominique Mol & Wilbert Slagboom
advies techniek WG theatertechniek


leerwerkcoaches Imca Bendt, Rick Bouwens, Wilma O’Sullivan
PR & marketing Inge Spaander
financiën & administratie Rob van Heck
werven vrienden Alexander Heester


concept en ontwerp pr campagne Studio Lonne Wennekendonk
fotografie campagnebeeld Marieke Odekerken
fotografie Carel van Hees
organisatie schoolvoorstellingen Bram Legerstee

bar en huishouding
Hans Breebaart, Yolanda Niël, Harvey Rijkland
koken Bram Legerstee


Rick Bouwens
Corné Bouwmeester
Diana Coolen
Chico Drenthe
Grace Emer
Arjan Groenendijk
Brecht Hermans
Serge Hogenbirk
Robbert van Hulzen
Tom Jansen
Soufian Kasmi
Bram Legerstee
Merel Mathijssen
Patricia Oskam
Claudine Panthophlet
Terence Patra
Saskia Spierenburg
Paulus Thelen
Jaakko Toivonen
Jos Tournier
Christien Wagener


Met dank aan :  Doopsgezinde Gemeente Rotterdam


Deze voorstelling is financieel mogelijk gemaakt door: Gemeente Rotterdam, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, VSB fonds



zaterdag & zondag
21 en 22 oktober
4 en 5 november
11 en12 november
25 en 26 november


20 januari
3 februari
10 februari
17 februari
24 februari
3 maart

17:00 uur

€ 20,- inclusief een vegetarische & biologische maaltijd

Noordmolenwerf 3, 3011 AK, Rotterdam

klik bovenaan de pagina op de datum van je keuze om je tickets te bestellen