over dromen en luchtkastelen

Experience the personal dreams of an inclusive theater company.

Fifteen players share their beautiful, abrasive, imaginative but also painful dreams, which form the basis of everyone’s castle in the air, a performance where you as a visitor are free to fantasize about which rooms you want in your castle in the clouds.


Take a seat in a theatrical lounge setting together with our players, where dreams are brought to life and depicted through circus art, dance, live music, video projections and a meal, about a world where there is always room to dream.


Do you still dare to dream?


‘About Dreams & Castles in the clouds’ is Paul Röttger’s farewell performance for Theater Babel Rotterdam. He was inspired by Barbara Tammes’ book ‘Handbook for building your own castle in the clouds’.

Paul about Castles in the clouds

“This is my farewell production at Babel, so I thought about what I still want to convey; Is there anything else I would like to share, what have I learned about inclusive art, is there another story I would like to share? The answer is yes! Keep dreaming, keep fantasizing! I argue for more attention to fantasy and creativity, and to immerse yourself in the stories of others.”

In recent years I have often worked from a specific theme, linked to the life stories of one or more players with and without a disability. These personal stories have often been the starting point for my performances. Examples of this are “I, through the other”, “From J to Jessica”, “Romeo’s & Juliet’s”.

This form of theater has proven to be important, because at Babel we show that an inclusive company can create high-quality artistic productions by focusing on the life stories of players. These are abrasive stories that you never actually hear. In the theater itself, these life stories are rarely or never the starting point. Babel has therefore been involved for years in telling and making visible those personal stories through multidisciplinary theater.

In this performance I want to add something to those life stories; There is less and less room for creativity and imagination in society. I want people to become aware of what you would like to do in your life and with your life, whoever you are. Dare to keep dreaming, work on your dreams, don’t be afraid that something will fail, don’t be ashamed, and take a step towards achieving it.

I see that a lot of creativity has disappeared in society, which has a direct effect on everyone’s empathy. Because through creativity you always immerse yourself in yourself, but also directly or indirectly in others. Through art you not only get to know others better, but also yourself. This is how I have been thinking for the past few months; How can I bring that together in a theater form? I found the answer in a book by Barbara Tammes from which I have drawn a lot of inspiration since 2014: “Handbook for building castles in the clouds”. The performance is inspired, among other things, by this book, but also by the life stories of the beautiful inclusive cast of players with and without disabilities from Theater Babel Rotterdam.

Paul Röttger
theater maker – artistic director

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za 17 / zo 18 / za 24 / zo 25 februari
vrij 1 / za 1 / zo 3 / vrij 15 / za 16 / zo 17 / vr 22 / za 23 / zo 24 maart
za 6 / zo 7 april


location Theater Babel Rotterdam, Eendrachtsstraat 79, 3012XH, Rotterdam



COLOFON 'Over dromen, fantasie en luchtkastelen'

regie & concept
Paul Röttger

tekst persoonlijke monologen
Erik-Ward Geerlings

Axelle Verkempinck

Caroline Vogel

ontwerp campagnebeeld
Studio Lonne Wennekendonk

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Nancy van Bemmel "ContentKunstenaar"

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Mika de Pee en Terence Patra

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Mika de Pee, Terence Patra

C-Project - Vincent Peeters

Gerard Helder

C-Project - Martijn van Garderen, Justin Heijt

Henk Leurink

Dominique Mol

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Yara Swaab

Dominique Mol & Lonne Wennekendonk

Corné Bouwmeester, Wilma O'Sullivan

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Axelle Verkempinck
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Johan Boekhout
Maryam Sirani
Mary-Jane Mijnhijmer
Mika de Pee
Milton Oliviera
Paul Röttger
Raywearth Cardoze
Richi Martis
Sharoma Dhoen
Simone den Haan
Terence Patra
Victoria Ochoa Urrea
Wilma O'Sullivan

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