theater direction-exam Colinda Welboren

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‘New Arrivals’

An exam performance in theatre directing by Colinda Welboren.
Who are you? Where are you born? What are your talents? Can you do
what you want to do? What are your dreams? Can you sleep at night? Can you do your homework or do you have other things on your mind?
Some questions are easy to answer, some not, and
some questions you might prefer not to answer. Your future?
Which way are you going? Which way do you want to go? Do you do what you want
to do or not? You’ll be watching a performance where you might recognize yourself. It shows something about the lives of others you do not know, who look very different but sometimes maybe more like you than you expected beforehand.


location Sterren College Haarlem, Badmintonpad 15, 2023BT, Haarlem


actors Mirey Youssef, Babou Drammeh, Naya Moussaly, Widad Wirdi


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