theater direction-exam Nelleke Tamerus


an exam theatre direction by Nelleke Tamerus

About time and space and the lack thereof.

Time is always in a battle with always
What do I do with my time? Am I going about it differently now that I ‘m getting older and my time is becoming more scarce ? This question keeps me busy. As a graduation assignment, I have researched this topic and transformed it into a theater play. The story of Com and Lan . The story about time and space. In the setting of the world of Siri .


The ladies Com and Lan live their daily life. Their activities are to a large extent determined by a computer system in the person of Siri. ( Siri , the digital encyclopedia of an iPhone ) He knows Com and Lan through and through and becomes a counselor for the ladies. Siri gives structure to their lives and keeps an eye on the time . They announced a system update , to obtain that update they must work together. They should jointly make a braid . To performing this task Siri again is a mainstay for the ladies. All goes well until Com is told that her time runs out ..


Age a light absurdistic play about a battle with time. With a big nod to our dependence on computers and digital systems.

actors: Lies Hanse Nettie Jumelet Mels Hoogenboom
technique: John Meuldijk Gerard Lauck
Feedback: Yolanda Smits Marja van der Zande
text en direction: Nelleke Tamerus

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