sex in rotterdam ’18

everybody sex

good sex

no good

everywhere sex

in Rotterdam

dirty nice




The production SeX in rotterdam ’18 is about seX, all kinds of sex.


fun sex, stupid sex, online sex, failed sex, hopeful sex, painful sex, sex without love, love and desires, the first kiss, de final kiss, de never kiss, sex with a dissability, sex for fun, boy-boy sex, girl-girl sex, sex with someone who’s different of being different yourself


our actors birng you into beautiful and hard to hear stories


about sex and love


come and listen, react, advise and discover



With your school to ‘Sex in Rotterdam ’18’?

This theater performance is made in collaboration with the municipal of Rotterdam to contribute to the emancipation of men, woman, boys, girls en everyone who feels or is different. Because we want to have the youth from Rotterdam experience that the world around you becomes a better and more beautiful place if you learn how to empathize with  the people around, especially when they are different from yourself, due to their religion, sexual orientation or because they have a dissability.


Babel is an inclusive theater company, we work with professional actors with and without dissabilities, every performance therefor focuses on meeting ‘the other’.


Visiting this performance is free for schools in Rotterdam.


During and after the performance there is time for a conversation and reflection. With every performance comes an educational package with more information about the performance and a questionary for the students to make before and after visiting the theater.




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Our educational materials are at this time only available in English,
please mail us if you need further information.


Download hier de lesbrief van Seks in Rotterdam 2018


Hoeveel weet jij over seks? – Enquete voor scholieren.


This performance has been made possible thanks to a financial contribution from the city of Rotterdam.

production in pictures