Theater Babel dances works from Romeo’s and Julia’s


June 4th and 5th

At the Delft Fringe Festival

Museum Prinsenhof Delft – Van der Mandelezaal
Sint Agathaplein 1 2611 HR Delft


Love, hate, lust and grief: people are confronted with these feelings every day. Under the direction of Rohiet Roché Tjon Poen Gie, Theater Babel Rotterdam will present a choreography based on ‘Theatre Babel plays Romeos and Juliets’, a performance by theater maker Paul Röttger that will be performed later this year. The group of 11 players with and without disabilities is accompanied by a live band from Theater Babel and uses mainly dance and music, but also elements of theater to investigate the following question: ‘Can you love who you want to love?’. In this way they make taboos such as love between the elderly, intimate relationships between people with and/or without a disability and homosexuality open for discussion. Themes such as rejection, suicide and other consequences of not being allowed to be who you want to be are also discussed.


Inspired by the rehearsals of ‘Theater Babel plays Romeo’s and Juliet’s, Rohiet creates a performance through his own perspective in which the themes of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are also central. He looks for clashes and conflicts in this and also finds them in hate and love, in family relationships and in many other places. In this performance, the players step across the boundaries of dance to show manifestations of these collisions in the body, including movement, sound and language.


Rohiet was a guest in the podcast ‘De Roze Hoed’ to talk about the production (dutch spoken):