Unusually Unusual

The film leads you trough Paul Röttger’s rehearsal process for the performances ‘From J. to Jessica’ and ‘I trough the other’. As a spectator you see how a group of more than 20 actors and dancers together develop stories about being allowed to be who you are. Some of them tell you about their own experiences in finding their way in an artistic career and also how, for example, their autism, homosexuality and deafness play a role.


When Paul himself speaks, you see how he reflects on his work and on the meaning and responsibility of art to make society more inclusive. He also talks about his motivations and setbacks in his unusual artistic practice. A practice that should actually be much more normal. The essence of Paul’s theater work lies in the continuous search for equal artistic collaboration between people with a wide variety in gender, cultural background, physical and mental condition and professionalism.


Filmmakers Christiaan van Schermbeek and Douwe Wilhelm van der Werf immerse themselves in the making process. The footage almost gives you the feeling like you are a member of the ensemble and thus also as a sounding board for the director. The observations are close, colorful and empathetic. Slowly they unfold the (creative) power of human interaction without categorization and (pre)judgment.

On November 15th, a private viewing will be held at KINO cinema in Rotterdam organised by KOERS VO.