Theater Babel Rotterdam

Theater Babel Rotterdam
Eendrachtsstraat 81 3012 XH Rotterdam

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"A lot of people have contributed to our name. When making the choice, it was also important that the name could also be pronounced well in other languages, because we are in the process of setting up a collaboration with six European countries. In the end we chose Babel because we - delicious Rotterdam - build together. Theater Babel Rotterdam is not finished - we are in development. Babel in Hebrew means "mixture". We also want to be a mixture: a mixture of target groups, a mixture of expertise. Babel is also about language. At Theater Babel Rotterdam we are looking for a new language with which we can understand each other. Art is a necessary means of clarifying what it is about. Theater as a means of getting out of the Babylonian confusion of tongues. And Rotterdam? Rotterdam is our stage and our society, our living environment. "
Paul Röttger: theater maker - director



Babel makes theater and creates an inclusive art practice. It unites education and talent development in artistic projects, performances and public presentations. It introduces new makers. Presents new stories and new forms. For existing and new audiences.


We implement the principle of inclusivity integrally at all levels:


On and behind the stage
In the organization
In marketing and communication
In the programs for the healthcare sector and education
Babel distinguishes itself as the only theater company in the Netherlands that is truly inclusive.


Röttger: “We are always talking about the participation society, but who has ever seen an artist with a disability in an orchestra or on stage? My goal is for people with disabilities to play or dance with Conny Janssen for example at Theater Rotterdam in five years' time. Our actors used to be occupied with daytime activities, while art is their profession ”




Babel promotes inclusivity in general and specifically with other (art) institutions, in education and with a general public


Babel is an inclusive house for the arts, focused on talent development and professionalization of inclusive artists and on education


Babel enters into new collaborations within and outside the cultural field, locally, nationally and internationally.


Babel develops and disseminates our methodology for inclusive theater.


Babel strives for a national function by 2025. In the coming years we will investigate how we can achieve this. In 2023 we can estimate whether that is feasible.


What are we doing to realize these ambitions?




We continue the started artistic development with productions (portraits of the inclusive city), smaller projects, presentations and the educational trajectory for pupils and students.
We give new makers the opportunity to develop with us and to include their experiences in inclusive working in the continuation of their professional practice.
We are increasing the group of players (Babel 1 and Babel 2), so that more attention can be given to the professionalization of the individual player.


We deepen cooperation with care for the development of our players.
Together with a number of schools, we request financial resources to work together to promote an inclusive society.
We already work with many institutions in Rotterdam and are striving to expand this number.
Public output


We are more visible, partly due to the choice of a location in the cultural heart of the city.
We develop fringe programs that increase public engagement.
We are increasing the number of play turns and play areas, both in and outside Rotterdam.
We work with a balanced mix of online, offline and personal communication.
Knowledge sharing


We organize workshops for companies and government.
We are working on international profiling in the sister city of St. Petersburg and with the current partners of Creative Europe.
The Number 5 Foundation of Princess Laurentien and Prince Constantijn wants to dedicate itself to Babel. To this end, she organizes three dialogue sessions (with a visit to our last performance), with policymakers, politicians, ZonMw, directors of large and small funds and artists. We are still in talks with Princess Laurentien to determine how we will continue with the results of this in the coming years.





Paul Röttger
theater maker - teacher - actor - general director / administrator


Dominique Mol
daily management - project manager


Yara Swaab


Imca Bendt
care coach - actor


Wilma O'Sullivan
care coach - actor


Corné Bouwmeester
care coach - actor


Hans Breebaart


stage technician
Pascal Fontijn


Corne Bouwmeester & Pascal Fontijn


We’d like to introduce you to the board:

Paul Röttger

The board

Marc Pil

Marco Florijn

Faryda F. Hussein