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‘A world that doesn’t feel like understanding ‘the other’, is missing out on everything what life should be about. I want a world where people who are different, aren’t put away, but where they are visible and participate in society. I create such a world with theatre.’ – Paul Röttger


Theater Babel Rotterdam is an inclusive theatre company. This means we don’t exclude anyone. We work with professional actors who are young and old, have disabilities or not, poor and rich, healthy and ill, with and without addictions, with different origins, religions and sexual preferences. People who are different than you and sometimes it is you.


Our company has 34 actors, some in permanent employment, some as guest performers. Babel performs about 150 shows for regular audience each year and theatre ateliers for youngsters from secondary education.   


Babel is supported by Gemeente Rotterdamstichting Neyenburg, Pameijer, stichting VolkskrachtNSGK and HandicapNL.



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