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On January 1st, 2015 a global unique collaboration between health, art & culture was launched. Theater Maatwerk and Galerie Atelier Herenplaats (both part of Pameijer) started a partnership with the rotterdamscentrumvoortheater ( rcth ). This collaboration was recorded in a covenant , which was possible thanks to a financial contribution from the City of Rotterdam for 2015 and 2016.


The rcth and Theater Maatwerk are on their way to a renewed cultural institution for people with and without disabilities, in close collaboration with Galerie Atelier Herenplaats. Thanks to the covenant it became possible to submit a mutual grant application for the Rotterdam Cultural period 2017 / 2020. Below you can read the abstract of this application .


This is how we started our journey towards a renewed cultural institution with structural financial support from the culture committee of Rotterdam starting in 2017. And all this in close collaboration with Galerie Atelier Herenplaats. We call this renewed institution provisionally Rcth+.


‘We want a society in which you are allowed to be different. Where anyone who is different, should be visible. Gay, religious, old, sick and people with a disability. I want to meet those people. I want to see them in the gym, in the store, on the street. And in cultural institutions; on the stage, as a spectator , as a theatre creator . But I do not see them. That’s why Rcth+ is needed.’

Paul Röttger, artistic leader of the collaboration.


house for inclusive art

Rcth+ is a new cultural institution that grew from the combination of the expertise of healthcare institution Pameijer ( Theatre Maatwerk ) and the rotterdamscentrumvoortheater. For the first time there will be a professional interdisciplinary theatre institution for artists with and without disabilities. Rcth + is about inclusive art. It’s a school and a theatre with the theatrical and visual means to contribute to the personal and cultural development of Rotterdam, regardless of anyone’s background, sexual orientation or physical or mental ability. 
Rcth+ is looking at the world with an eye for the unusual, the awkward and the elusive. Sometimes it’s good not to focus on who’s on the stage, but on who’s left standing in the wings.


Cooperation between the two arts and healthcare facilities is a new artistic step towards the realization of an inclusive society. Rcth+ provides the artists with disabilities with the opportunity to develop and present themselves on a cultural level. The healthcare organization takes care of the necessary conditions.


Rcth+ focusses on four core tasks :
• educating & training of inclusive actors en makers
• producing & presenting inclusive interdisciplinary performances
• cultural education & emancipation
• research & the sharing of knowledge


The Rcth+ annually will reach approximately 16,000 visitors, of which 6,000 young people and children up to 25 years old. Rcth+ is focusing not only on reaching art and culture lovers but also towards reaching professionals and students in health care, professional art students as well as people that are not primarily interested in art, but are triggered by the social themes we choose. Everybody can participate within the Rcth+. From our cultural education & emancipation department we organize meetings en workshops on several levels.


Rcth+ runs a part-time theatreschool ; a nationally recognized educational institution with a certified program that’s renewed and re-certified every four years through ‘Kunstkeur‘. Annually 563 students will follow our different programs. Graduate students will be able to relate to a wide range of theatrical resources (language, physical , visual and musical) and to current social and artistic developments . This ratio results in qualitative inclusive art that communicates both with specific target groups as with mainstream audiences.


Altogether Rcth+ will realize nine productions during the period from 2017 to 2020: four of those will be interdisciplinary performances , a musical project about the Johannes- Passion with a reprise in the Easter period during the next few years and four family shows in the autumn.
In addition, four theatre workshops are made annually and 40 workshops will be given in collaboration with Galerie Atelier Herenplaats. Furthermore Rcth+ will realize: a festival, a production with a modest national tour, debates, lectures and theatrical exhibitions together with Galerie Atelier Herenplaats.


Collaboration is an essential part of Rcth+. It builds on the collaboration of the rcth with its local environment, educational and cultural field. It’s a dynamic network that emerges from a wish to support others and share our knowledge, and from the goal to develop new and necessary content.


Rcth+ will play the part of innovative pioneer in the field of ‘diversity policy’ within the cultural sector . Research into new methods and a transferable methodology is the focus point of our work. By combining healthcare & art from an artistic point of view; we create art that connects people. Rcth+ brings a new color in Rotterdam.