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Babel is celebrating!

Dear reader,


Raise your virtual glass with us, because Babel is celebrating!


Wednesday, June 17th, the Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture (RRKC) announced their advise on the cultural plans for the period 2021-2024. The Council is very enthusiastic about the plans of Babel.


About our artistic quality, and that we set the bar so high.

About the insistent way we approach our subjects and get under the skin of the audience.

About our inclusive and authentic way of working.


“The artistic quality and expressiveness and the way actors with and without disabilities perform together, is exemplary.” 


About our vision on education and how we bring it into practice.

About the ‘grinding encounter’ we are causing between the actors and the audience.

About how we take our actors seriously.


“At Babel, actors with a disability are not just doing their daily activities; they are doing their job.”


About how Babel connects various Rotterdammers.

About the methodology we are developing.

About our ambition to play a leading role on a national level.


“The council believes that Babel what offers and the way it works are very distinctive, not just for Rotterdam but also on a national level.”



We were already happy at Babel, but now we are even happier. We are happy that the RRKC understands so well what Babel does. That the Council takes inclusiveness in the cultural sector so seriously and recognizes Babel is a pioneer in this.


Babel started out as an inclusive organization during the cultural plan 2017-2020. That we managed in 4 years time, together with Stichting Pameijer, to make it clear how important and positive inclusivity is and that the RRKC gives us recognition in this, gives us huge satisfaction!


Babel raises the bar and we will continue to do this in the upcoming years.




To Babel.



With dear greetings,

Paul Röttger





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