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on our way to a new name

Schermafdruk 2016-04-13 10.47.07

almost two years we are on our way
towards a renewed cultural company
where artists with and without disabilities create together


our cultural plans for 2017-2020 got positive feedback
from the Rotterdam council for Arts en Culture


so now we find ourselves on the brink
of a new identity


the rotterdamscentrumvoortheater and Theater Maatwerk
are looking for a new name 

and we are very curious to your ideas and suggestions


if your suggestion becomes our new name 
then we’ll of course want to thank you!
– you’ll be invited with 4 guests to our production ONT-HEEMD
– you’ll get a meet & greet with our entire company
– and you get to choose a course from our educational program


With the form below you can send us your idea!


on our way to a new name / op weg naar een nieuwe naam