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‘Romeo’s & Julia’s”
5 star review

““We had to miss it for a long time, the inclusive theater of Babel. Online streamings are fun, but nothing beats experiencing Paul Röttger’s diverse company of actors with and without disabilities live. This season they play the Shakespearean classic that, as history shows, can go either way: “Romeo and Juliet.” Where other companies often situate this love drama in modern times, Babel makes it individualistic.


In “Romeos and Juliets” the classical tragedy (shortened by lyricist Erik-Ward Geerlings) is presented as a universal theme. Not the one Romeo and the one Juliet are central here, but the phenomenon of ‘impossible love’. Röttger cleverly lets his various actors speak to express their own Romeo and Juliet experience and they fit perfectly into the basic story. About the doubts evoked by a homosexual relationship and about not accepted relationships between people with learning disabilities: why shouldn’t that be possible? Those personal experiences that always pop up somewhere in the Babel performances have been made extremely explicit here and fitted into the storyline in a very convincing way. That makes this performance one of the best we’ve seen from them so far. Go and see that sometime.”


***** The world of Willem