con amore

UPDATE – October 30th 2016
From 21st through 25th November Con Amore will be played at an international art festival in Moskou. At this time there are no public performances planned. Are you interested in this production or perhaps looking for more information , please send us an e-mail at 


about love and the lack thereof
music and movement theatre by Paul Röttger


Eighteen actors, with and without a disability,
act in a play without words.
About the possibilities and limitations
that love imposes on us in everyday life.
It’s “love” in life what it’s all about.
And that’s more than infatuation, passion and lust.
Love is inevitable, sometimes obsessive and gives us comfort as well.


Con Amore is not just about situations where love is present,

but also about those moments when it’s absent or seems to be absent.
It’s about the shortcomings around love.
And all this without words, with live music and a meal afterwards.


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you can watch the entire performance here









production in pictures


concept en regie  Paul Röttger
schrijver Scenario  Erik-Ward Geerlings
muzikale leiding  Tim Hammer

productieleiding  Robert Schell

regie-assistentie  Wilbert Slagboom

dramaturgie  Elisabeth Canisius

vormgeving  Gerard Helder

lichtontwerp  Paul van Laak

kostuums  Sara Hakkenberg, Roelie Westendorp
grime  Arthur Vriens

publiciteit  Dominique Mol

concept en ontwerp campagne  Studio Lonne Wennekendonk

monitoring studenten  ISO Hogeschool Rotterdam


Oscar Alblas, Johan Boekhout, Rick Bouwens, Corné Bouwmeester, Diana Coolen, Mirthe Dokter, Grace Emer, Emile Elsenaar, Soufian Kasmi, Tugba Kiliç, Terence Patra, Stijn Quist, Anet Rijkers, Miriam van Rossum, Belinda Tijssen, Ronald Timmers, Jos Tournier en Nina van der Woude