short film ‘for love’

The subject of love keeps us interested.
Tak a look into the hearts of our actors.
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Theater Maatwerk, the rcth and Senself made a short film together titled ‘For love’
It was first shown on Sunday August 28th during the preshow of the ‘Rotterdam Pleinbioscoop’ (an open air cinema festival) in the Museumpark of Rotterdam.


Grace, Jack, Jordy, Niels, Patrick, Remo, Saskia, Stijn and Terence have contributed to the movie with their own thoughts and texts and ideas. The movie shows their experience and personal story. The concept of the movie is to share the perceptions of someone with a disability and to show that we’re not that different.


De foundation Senself wants to develop and show talents of people with mental of multiple disabilities visible. By participating in educational training and cultural activities they are stimulated to get more out of themselves, to use personal talents, to make what seems ‘impossible’ possible and for a big part by being proud of yourself.


Made en acted by 

Grace Emer, Jack Edelbroek, Jordy Ruhl, Niels Vermeulen, 

Patrick Nassy, Remi Schouten, Saskia Spierenburg, Stijn Quist and Terence Patra


acting direction 

Rick Bouwens


Camera direction 

Ruben Peters


artistic director rcth & Theater Maatwerk 

Paul Röttger

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