piazza della vita




With Piazza della vita we celebrate Paul Röttger’s thirty year anniversary as artistic director of Theater Babel Rotterdam / rotterdamscentrumvoortheater.



Piazza della vita

a theatre-choreography by Paul Röttger


“An unabashed look at life.
Birth, love, rejection, acceptation, death.
Without words, but with singing,
live music, acrobatics and dance.
A square filled with visitors, two
enormous art objects and nothing less
than 35 actors.”

– E.W. Geerling


“An inclusive feast of recognition”, Theaterkrant, Jeroen van Wijhe


Paul Röttger on Piazza

“As a child i was fascinated with town squares. Almost every village has a square. Centered around are a church, a newsstand, the municipality. You meet each other on that square, everyone has to cross it. To the municipality to get married, to the church to bury someone, to the store to eat. All aspect of life come together on that square.


For Piazza della vita we asked ourselves: what happens on a town square? Writer Erik-Ward Geerlings and myself fantasized and dreamt and that was our base for a script for 36 actors. Themes that we used are loving, waiting, rejection, exclusion, death. In short, life.


The square in Piazza della vita is filled with our visitors and our actors. Together. They can look unabashedly at each other. Without lyrics, because there’s no dialogue. There’s a lot of singing. In many different languages: Japanese, Icelandic, Keltic.


We work with a huge group of actors whom are very divers. A community with elderly and young people, big and small, with impairment and without. This is the community i dream of. A community where you can and are allowed to see and meet everyone. A community where you can be who you want to be. In which you can be.”


Piazza della vita’s themes are connected to the city. That’s why we play on location, in a building on the Eendrachtstraat 81 (a sidestreet of the Witte de Withstreet). Actually, the building is a 19th century gym. In the city centre.


Piazza della vita will be an intense, sensory, disruptive, humoresque, esthetical, and sometimes harsh theatre experience.


€ 20,- incl. a vegetarian meal after the performance


download the brochure of Piazza della vita (pdf)


calendar & reservations

Friday 30th of November 19:30 – extra performance, tickets available


calendar 2019 (starts at 17:00 every day)
2nd of February 

9th of February  
9th of March
16th of March
6th of April
13th of April 


The inclusive work and the research for a transferable methodology are supported by Gemeente Rotterdamstichting Neyenburg, Pameijer, stichting Volkskracht, the NSGK and HandicapNL. 



production in pictures

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

  • foto: Carel van Hees

Paul Röttger

artistic support Raymond Colling
production management Dominique Mol & Kirsten Robben

vocal lead Maximilliano Ciaffi
live music Pascal Fontijn
acrobatics Maya Peckstadt

styling advise Roelie Westendorp
lightdesign Paul van Laak

learn-work-coaches Imca Bendt, Rick Bouwens, Wilma O’Sullivan
PR & marketing Brecht Hermans, Dominique Mol, Willem Pekelder
finance & administration Rob van Heck

concept and design pr campaign Studio Lonne Wennekendonk
photography campagne Carel van Hees en Stephan Warmenhoven
organisation schoolperformances Bram Legerstee

bar and housekeeping Hans Breebaart, Yolanda Niël, Harvey Rijkland
cooking Bram Legerstee
volunteers Erick Eckhardt, Jacco v/d Vegte

Imca Bendt
Lennart Blom
Johan Boekhout
Rick Bouwens
Corné Bouwmeester
Maximilliano Ciaffi
Diana Coolen
Chico Drenthe
Grace Emer
Pascal Fontijn
Mitchel Kartowikromo
Soufian Kasmi
Bram Legerstee
Merel Mathijssen
Fons van de Moosdijk
Patrick Nassy
Milton Oliviera Soares
Patricia Oskam
Wilma O’Sullivan
Ali Ozdemir
Claudine Panthophlet
Terence Patra
Maya Peckstadt
Stijn Quist
Anet Rijkers
Jordy Ruhl
Lobke Schotte
Remo Schouten
Maryam Sirani
Elly Soares
Saskia Spierenburg
Belinda Thijssen
Jos Tournier
Jessica Vos
Sjoerd Vrins