the art of walking

Theater Babel Rotterdam invites former performer Tim Hammer to present his directing debut for Kameroperahuis ‘The Art of Walking’ in our theatre at the Eendrachtsstraat. Tim performed in ‘Who’s crazy now?’ and was musical director for ‘Con Amore’.


For ‘The Art of Walking’, Tim studied the traditional Japanese Bunraku puppet theatre, and is inspired by it in his search for his own form of object theatre. In the video underneath, Tim tells us about how he went on to create this performance.



‘The Art of Walking’ is an ode to our legs. We are so often trapped inside our head that we forget about the legs. Yet it’s them who carry us and bring us where we have to be. They measure our lives, they give it rhythm. In ‘The Art of Walking’, legs carved out of wood come alive, helped by three (singing) actors in a brilliant construction. Together with a taiko-player, they bring a musical ode to our legs. The walking – from strolling to march – dictates the rhythm of the legs. A playful ritual with Japanese inspiration, in which time stands still for a moment.


‘The Art of Walking’ is the debut of Tim Hammer as a director with Kameroperahuis, after working as a puppeteer, actor, percussionist and composer. The production, a collaboration with De Nieuwe Oost theater en dans, is part of the talent development project of Tim Hammer at Kameroperahuis and Ulrike Quade Company. In this trajectory – supported by the New Makers-subsidy of Fonds Podiumkunsten – Tim searches for a new form of musical object theatre, with Japanese traditional Bunraku as inspiration. 


Tim Hammer (director) | Renán Zelada (composer) | Luc de Groen (dramaturgy) | Ulrike Quade (artistic advise) | Juliette Mout (scenography) | Matt Jackson (puppet maker) | Hedi Legerstee (production) | Edwin Smits (technical support)

Johanna van Steen | Maarten Vinkenoog | Laurien van Rijswijk | Suzanne Bakker